Friday, November 21, 2008

2009 Art Shanty Projects

So begins the epic tale of our 2009 Art Shanty Project. For those of you unfamiliar, Art Shanty Projects is a curated artist community that has sprung up on Medicine Lake for the past few winters.

More on Art Shanty Projects can be found here:

We will be using this blog to as a journal of the construction of the dICEHOUSES shanty, to report from the 2009 Art Shanty Projects, and to share some of our thoughts on games and the people who play them. We hope that you enjoy this blog and come out to visit us on the ice.

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Erin Van Schepen said...

Dear dICEHOUSES bLOG. My name is Erin Van Schepen and I am the marketing coordinator from On Site Sanitation. You posted about Biffs Shanty in your blog, and you linked to our page Thanks so much for the link, but our website url has just changed to I was wondering if you could updated the link on your blog. Any help would be amazing!