Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ASP2010 - Weekend one report

With abnormally human-friendly temps in the 30's, the dICEHOUSE citizens crawled out of their little red cubes and visited some of the other shanty residents.

The mayor did a little bartering over at the Art Swap Shanty. In return for one of his silk-screened posters, he picked one of their Colby Poster Company letter-pressed posters. But rather than keep the mayor's offering they stuck it up on the wall, where it was promptly again swapped. You can check out a bunch of the swaps from this past weekend here. Do yourself a favor, if you are coming out to the ASP, bring a little art to swap.

Creative friend and dICEHOUSE foster-parent, Brian Ritchie brought out a new game of his invention called Yardzee, which is Yahtzee played with 4" cedar dice and a garbage can. He was kind enough to donate a set. Swing by dICEHOUSES HQ to play. But plan to spend a bit of time. The first lady reports it takes about an hour to play a full game.

The intrepid tea merchants over at Shan-Tea peddle more than just tea and teacups. Look at this spot on and reportedly delicious cookie portrait of Agent Autumn and Agent Cat. Bring out a little something to barter with Oolong John for one of his hand-crafted teacups.

Agent Jackson spent most of his weekend with our neighbors The Gunderson Family. I don't know what is going on over there. We hear noises. and when they come to visit, they ask all kinds of odd questions. Many involving the whereabouts of a mysterious Agent Penguin and Moose Man.

This happened. What is it? No one was really sure but it was pretty awesome. For about a half hour the well choreographed performance dazzled and confused shanty citizens and visitors. Speaking of dance. The Reclamation Dance Shanty was pumping all weekend. Hit 'em up on Facebook to request some jams for the weekend.

And so did this! I caught the first ASP fish of the season. For the record, Big Pun was shaking the ice when I caught it. To paraphrase Pruane2forever - "EAST COAST, FISHES!"

Looks like we are in for another weekend of great weather. Hope to see you all on the ice.

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