Monday, February 9, 2009

Cribbage: Sign Up Here!

Sign up below by commenting, otherwise email me at and let me know when you want to play cribbage and I'll add you the schedule below. Also, you can just show up and sign up at the dICEHOUSES if there is an open time.

It takes about 2-1/2 to 3 hours to play a game of cribbage (includes breaks). If you play with pairs, or if you find a caddy or two, less than 2. Don't have a partner? We can find you one. Please come 15 minutes before your scheduled time to check in. DRESS WARM!!

Saturday January 17th - The Big Drill. (no official games)

Sunday January 18th:
Noon - Mike Haeg vs. David Pitman (winner)

Monday January 19th:
12:00 pm - Mother vs. Son (Tammy Dahlke (winner) vs. Jackson Dahlke)

Saturday January 24th
11:00 am -Meghan Bellavance vs. Jason Haack (winner)

Sunday January 25th
2:30 pm - Anthony Kuntz and Kyle Pendergast (winners) vs. Dale Pendergast and Allen Johnson

Saturday January 31st
11:00 am -Chris Meade vs. Mercedes Lenort (winner)
2:00 pm -Jennifer Leidahl and Lynn Anderson (winners...skunked the opposition!) vs. John Nussbaum and Mike Anderson

Sunday February 1st
1 game was started but not finished

Saturday February 7th
11:00 am -Emily Lee, Jennifer Linnett, and Anna Berowski vs. Emily Lee, Justin Peterson and Maria Hickey (winners)
yes, Emily was on both teams, so she was both a winner and a loser!

Sunday February 8th
11:00 am - REMATCH! Chris Meade vs. Mercedes Lenort (Mercedes held her winning title!)
2:00 pm - Michael Siddal (caddy: Milo the dog) (Winner) vs. Antonio Perez-Cajina (caddy: Kimmy Tanaka)

Saturday February 14th (Last Day!)
11:00 pm - Amanda Kern vs. Alex Saumer
2:00 pm -


turtle_claw said...

Anthony Kuntz vs Kyle Pendergast Sunday 01/25/09 02:30 P.M.

MayorMike said...

you guys are on. give us a call if you can't make it for some reason.