Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Calling All Augers! We need your help!

This year we are attempting to set the world's record for the largest cribbage board by drilling the board into the ice of Medicine Lake.

This Saturday is the big drill. While I was totally prepared to drill all of the holes myself by hand (for a double back board this would be 124 8-10"deep holes), Mr. Pitman inspired me this weekend as he waxed poetic about the song of the gas-powered augers he hears ringing (or roaring) across the lake. I'd like to hear a full symphony of gas, electric and manual ice augers singing their sweet music simultaneously this Saturday as they help me drill a full 244 hole board into the ice..

If you or anyone you know owns an auger and would like to be a part of this world record attempt, (Every driller's name will be recorded and included in the official record paperwork) please invite them to contact me at mikehaeg@gmail.com or just check in at the dICEHOUSES Shanty early on Saturday afternoon.

First official game will be played on Sunday at noon. After that the board is open for all to play. Need to learn cribbage? We'd love to teach you.

244 holes (if we get a couple of dozen augers, that means only 10 holes each)
Dirlled only half way through the ice (so they will stay open and as to retain integrity of the ice)
Saturday noon - ????

Thanks all for your help, hooray for Saturday!

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