Sunday, January 11, 2009

See you on the 17th for the official opening!

The dICEHOUSES Shanty is ready to go. All 5 dice are stocked and ready for game play. I can't wait for next weekend for all of the shanties to be open for art. We met some of the folks from the Trans-Arctic Expedition Shanty (will be staying on the ice for the entire Art Shanty Project in their upside-down ship, Oh, Hell is a favorite game over there and a new one to us, we can't wait to learn it.) and heard tell of some amazing projects that will be happening over at The Word Shanty (including loads of anagrams). More on both of those later as I will be doing my best to find out the favorite games of all of the shanty-dwellers this year.

In other news, we had an initial kickoff / birthday party for John last night. It was cold, but the company was warm.

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