Thursday, January 1, 2009

dICEHOUSE #4 1/2 ??????

Well, I was going to lay in bed all day on New Years Day. I lasted until maybe 9:00. But then the scrap plywood and plexi began calling. Autumn has been dying to help out with something on the dICEHOUSES. I decided, that we should make a dog house for any of our canine friends who decide to join us on the ice. Autumn thought it sounded like a good idea as long as she could paint it. What's gonna work? Teamwork. She's a beauty with her rainbow pips and drop down portal style door. Thanks for your help, Goomba.


First Lady of Mt.Holly said...

and the paint wasn't even that hard to scrape out of her hair and body! she was so proud of working with her papa!

Dannis said...

can't wait to bring the pooch out this weekend. Oh and Loki is looking forward to it too.