Monday, December 29, 2008

Clearance bonanza!

I had a few odds and ends on the dICEHOUSE wishlist that I took care of this weekend. First, off to Menards for a couple of tubes of clear silicone caulk (Thank you, anomalous 40 degree day for melting the snow and letting me know how un-watertight the shanties are.)

While I was there, I noticed some signs for 50% off all holiday decor. I headed immediately to the lighting shelves to see what solar powered items were left. Answer? Nearly all! I scored some hefty 4v 4"x4" weatherproof solar cells connected to long strings of LED rice lights that will add just the right ambiance to our shanties. This is probably more exciting for me than you, but seriously, if you want to mess around with solar panels, hit Menards ASAP before everything is gone.


John Nussbaum said...

I am so excited. can't wait.

Casey Brewer said...

Dudes, how many shanties are done? And do you need help with more construction and beer drinking?

I'll bring my 13th Floor Elevator tunes and a bottle of absinthe.

Mayor said...

We only have one left! We will finish that this weekend. Next weekend we will put them on the ice. Come on down Saturday or Sunday.

First Lady of Mt.Holly said...

save big money at MY NARDS.

casey, come out! i'll make hotdish.

Kent Carmichael said...

I have a boner. Is that weird?