Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our Favorite Games: 3M Bookcase Games

Since the dICEHOUSES Shanty is all about playing games, we thought that we would talk about some of the games that we like to play.

I love every little thing about these games: the amazing artwork, the faux-leather slipcase packaging, the weird analog playing fields, the Star Trekish plastic playing pieces, the breadth of strategic challenges.

Produced by Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing (that's 3M to you squares) during the 1960's and early 1970's, bookcase games are everything one would expect from a company packed full of engineers. In fact most of the games were actually solicited freelance from its engineers and other brainiacs. I've heard, from a childhood neighbor who worked at 3M that over 600 concepts for games were presented to 3M for potential production. He also said that these games were presented within the company as Christmas gifts and special awards.

Through it's Bookcase line, 3M introduced the American market to such ancient international games of strategy as quinto, go, and mancalla. I could go into detail about all of the titles, but someone beat me to it over at The Gamepile.

Check out Twixt, Ploy, Acquire, Feudal.

These games were a big hit here in Minnesota and can be found at thrift shops and garage sales.

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Rev. Dave said...

Love 3M Bookcase games. We've only got Twixt & Facts in Five, but we love them. Anytime we see one at a garage sale or thrift store, we pick it up.

And thanks for the games on the ice. Fun times.