Monday, December 8, 2008

Our Favorite Games: Waterworks

Since the dICEHOUSES Shanty is all about playing games, we thought that we would talk about some of the games that we like to play. (Not that we have much time for playing games right now. We still have 3 of dICEHOUSES to build and paint before January 10th!)

Waterworks is an amazingly well-crafted card came. The cards are lovingly painted depictions of all sorts of copper and lead pipes in various states of disrepair: tees, elbows, spigots and valves. They look like they may have been painted by the same person who used to paint the covers of MAD Magazine around the same period. The cards sit in a plastic bathtub (the discard pile is where the drain is!) Miniature brass monkey-wrenches act as wild cards.

Try to find one of the original 70's versions for the best color and quality.

The object of the game is to plumb together the required number of pieces to connect one's valve to one's spigot. The trick is that the pipeline can have no leaks. Players can strategicly add leaky pipes and extra paths to other players' waterlines which that player has to repair before moving forward. Copper pipes cannot be broken, thus are played as solid offencive cards or over broken lead pipes as a repair. Players also, can play one of two pipewrenches as a fix.


John Nussbaum said...

I grew up playing this game with my brother. it's amazing.

First Lady of Mt.Holly said...

i can't wait to see if there is enough room in the dICEHOUSE to play this game!

tidy said...

Holy crap, I loved this game! I forgot all about it.