Saturday, December 6, 2008

Never throw anything away.

This morning, I was thinking about pulling Shanty #1 out of the garage alone. It's pretty light. But, because our drive-under garage I would have to pull it up a fair incline. If I could reduce the ground to ski friction a bit, I was sure I could pull it all by myself. If I just had some wheels. I had a stack of the 12" holes cut from the windows. By screwing 3 of them together, like a stack of pancakes, I was able to make them pretty solid. The axle is made from an old clothes rod I had thrown up into the rafters for a rainy day. And, dowel stubs from a project e couple of years ago gave me the pins to hold the whole thing together, Flintstone style. Sure enough. It worked great. I was able to move the shanty with about 1/5 the effort than just trying to push it on it's skis.

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Anonymous said...

sometimes it IS worth reinventing the wheel. dICE house looks awesome btw.