Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So tonight as I was stuck in Minnesota snowstorm traffic, I started freaking out about trying to finish the dICEHOUSES this weekend. I didn't understand why at first. I still have 4 weeks before I plan to put these suckers on the ice. I've averaged 1 a week and have three basically done. So why freak out?

Well, I realized that our co-pilot for this project has been has been Chub Unze's old stereo blasting a holiday tradition. Every year, classic rock KQ92 plays their entire on-air library from A to Z at the beginning of December. What does this have to do with urgency? Well, today we entered the letter "W" which means that, despite all of the songs yet to come that start with the word you (You are So Beautiful, You Really Got Me, etc.) We probably only have this last weekend to go. Urgency.

KQ's A to Z has been the soundtrack to our whole project and it's almost done. How great has it been? Well, here's a little sampler for you of the greatness we have been basking in:

PS: By clicking on the Loafing Department picture up top, you can get a pretty sweet desktop wallpaper.


First Lady of Mt.Holly said...

just finished my final, and i'm ready to help again!

John Nussbaum said...

p.p.s. by clicking on all the youtube videos at once you get a pretty sweet idea of what it sounds like when the widow maker and circular saw are going at the same time.

Dan said...

Nice selection of 8 tracks there!